Caryn Reiman

Owner and Working Recruiter

With over twenty years of experience in contingency recruiting, I have established strong working relationships with Human Resources Executives, Staffing Professionals, Hiring Managers and working Professionals in a variety of industries.

I have recruited for Engineering, Production, Quality, Regulatory, Product Development, Product Marketing, R&D, Manufacturing, Training, Graphic Design, Technical Services Professionals and more, across a wide array of industries.  The top priority for me is to gain the trust of the Clients and Candidates with whom I work in order to have an honest flow of information throughout the entire process.

Working Recruiters

Our Processes

Every Organization, no matter the size, needs talented Staff in order to grow and thrive.  For our Client Companies, our recruiting processes begin with extensive information gathering and research regarding each Clients’ specific industry.  We obtain a detailed job description and a complete profile of successful Company Employees, so as to enable a targeted Candidate search, from both an objective and technical point of view. We believe that each search possesses a unique set of challenges and we practice careful due diligence to make certain that we are utilizing our Clients’ time in the best way possible, while paying attention to each part of the recruiting process.

“Creating placements resulting in ​long-term employer and ​employee relationships”

Wally Casola, CPC

Owner and Working Recruiter

I have the experience to thoroughly understand the responsibilities of almost any Job Requirement in any Industry.  Within a short period of engaging a Clients’ job requisition, I am able to develop a search strategy that can be acted on immediately.  We are excellent in assessing a Candidates qualifications and can accurately convey the needs of the Client in order to ensure an accurate match.

uSolutions is a licensed private Employment Agency specializing in the recruitment and permanent placement of talented Professionals.  With our corporate offices located in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, we have the assets and capabilities to cater to a wide variety of industries throughout the United States.

Over twenty years ago we began servicing Client Companies and Candidates with the concept of providing a more personalized recruiting experience in an otherwise transient and unregulated landscape.  Since that time there have been many changes, both in the manner in which services are performed and in the way in which our industry is regulated.

For our Client Companies, we represent every prospective Candidate honestly and completely, making certain that only the most qualified Candidates are presented.  We work closely with all Parties to ensure a successful personal and technical match.

For our Candidates, we take into consideration all of your goals and objectives.  We will not present you with positions that do not match objectives.

Because of our singular belief in treating our Client Companies and Candidates with honesty and respect, we have remained successful even during economic downturns.

“I really enjoy each step of the recruiting procedure, but my favorite part is working with Client Companies.  Hiring Staff that will continue to exceed expectations, is one of the most important factors in the success of any Organization. I am proud that I can be a part of that process.”

“It is gratifying for me to see a placement that provides a Client Company with a
talented Employee who can be an immediate contributor, and for the ​​Candidate,
a career opportunity and future that benefits themselves and their families.”

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